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Last updated 12:06 PM on 21 March 2017
snapshot interview

Parent -Teacher "Snapshot" Interviews 


are held over two weeks, Monday 21 March to Friday 7 April, 2017. The interview provides parents with a "snapshot" of their child's learning and progress during term one. Teachers are available to meet with parents before or after school. 

It is a great opportunity  hear really positive things about your child that they may not tell you themselves. It's equally rewarding for teachers to share good news with a parent. It's important to discuss the meeting with your child afterwards and really congratulate them on their strengths. If the teacher made suggestions of things you could do at home, discuss these with your child and commit to following through with them

.Parent-teacher interviews can sometimes be a little daunting, especially if we weren't the most enthusiastic students ourselves. But these opportunities to touch base with your child's teachers are really important and shouldn't be missed.